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craps table

All dice games existing in the world today can be called quite unusual and at the same time very widespread gambling entertainments. The addictive Craps table features a wide variety of bets, consists of several parts and has seemingly slightly complex rules that can be quickly learned during frequent practice of the game. At the moment, any visitor to gambling sites has access to such versions as Bank Craps, Crapless Craps, Open Craps, High Point Craps, New York Craps and Simplified Craps.

Here, participants use two special dice with six sides, each of which has small marks in the form of dots corresponding to certain numbers. If these cubes were made correctly, then the sum of the numbers on the opposite faces always equals seven. Since edges can be damaged during entertainment, as a rule, every 8 hours of games they are replaced with new ones to prevent all attempts at fraud. Each competition is usually accompanied by fun and shouts from the players.

Basic rules for Craps table

In order to soon become real professionals, each of the newcomers to the Craps table game must carefully read and thoroughly understand the rules of this exciting entertainment, the passage of which consists of several parts, as well as learn all possible bets, what will become possible only after a long practice on online sites or traditional land-based casinos. Here’s what interested players should know:

craps table game
  1. Each game takes place according to the rules at a specially equipped gaming table with special markings for placing bets. During the throw, the player must hold both dice in one hand, which must necessarily hit the board on the opposite side of the table. If at least one of the cubes flies out of the playing surface, then they must be replaced with new ones.
  2. Up to 20 people can take part in this entertainment, each of whom can make a personal throw during the competition. The representatives of the gambling establishment here are stickman, boxman and two dealers.
  3. All Craps table action takes place in two main stages, the first of which is the Come Out Roll. During this part of the entertainment, users are allowed to place their chips on the fields of the Pass Line (the bet will win if the amount of points is 7 or 11). You can also bet Don’t Pass Line (wins if 2,3 or 12). If the sum of the two dice equals any other number, Point is automatically determined and the next part of the game begins.

The second stage of the Point Roll differs in that the number of throws here can be unlimited and the entertainment continues until the appearance of an amount equal to Point or seven. Moreover, during the roll of 7, the Pass Line loses, and Don’t Pass Line wins 1 to 1. Accordingly, when a Point is dropped, the win is awarded to the Pass Line bet and is also paid 1 to 1.

Available assortment of bets in Craps

During the practice of this exciting game, each participant here will be faced with the fact that the real Craps table provides for many very different bets:

  • These are Call (which can be considered an analogue of Pass Line) and its opposite, Don’t Call;
  • Additional Odds that increase the likelihood of winning Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Call and Don’t Call;
  • After determining the Point, you can make Place Bets on the occurrence of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Wins if any of these numbers appear before 7;
  • There are also Field Bets, Big Six, Big Eight Bets or Hard Ways (two 4, 6, 2, and so on).

Do not forget about such auxiliary bets as Split, Any Craps (2,3 or 12), Craps Two, Craps Three, Any Seven, Eleven or Craps Twelve, which greatly increase the chance of success.


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